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Smart recruiting

INJOBS is a modern application management software that makes recruiting easier for you. Application data is stored centrally and online - automatically and clearly structured.

INJOBS brings your online and offline channels together: This not only saves you time and administrative effort, but you also benefit from a high level of data protection for your applicants.

10x less time required



A document with the title "Project Manager" with sections such as Description, Tasks, Must-Have and Nice-to-Have. The document is presented visually on a dark background with white and orange text.
Create and manage job vacancies

Save time in administration.

With its integrated job advertisement editor, INJOBS offers the possibility to create job advertisements in your company's corporate design. Whether as online (HTML) or PDF advertisements, everything can be easily created and edited in INJOBS using click & edit.

After the job offer has been created, you can place it with just one click on the channel you want to use, whether website, job portal, social media or newspaper, with INJOBS - no problem.

The screen of a messaging app displays a list of contacts with timestamps, names and icons for unread messages on a smartphone. An additional screen displays the notification sound settings with a volume slider.
Handle the application process digitally

Process applications digitally and efficiently.

INJOBS helps you with the structured processing and centralization of all applications, whether digitally via form, e-mail or post. With INJOBS you will find all applications in one place. For a better overview, we also use a status system that is individually tailored to your company.

In addition, you handle the evaluation / feedback process digitally in INJOBS, thereby increasing transparency within the department to make collaboration even easier.

One hand holds a smartphone displaying an email with information about a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.
Communication in INJOBS

More transparency in the department.

In order to have a better communication overview within the department, INJOBS focuses on the communication process within the software. Only through a transparent overview of communication is it possible to increase performance and offer the applicant an even better experience in communication with your company.

Eine Sammlung von Benutzerbewertungskarten mit Profilbildern, Benutzernamen, Sternebewertungen und Kommentaren. Einige Karten haben grüne Daumen-hoch-Symbole und andere rote Daumen-runter-Symbole.

Individually tailored to your company.

For the initial setup, INJOBS provides you with a basic onboarding process that can be individually adapted to your company. Our digital onboarding process helps you to onboard new employees in your company more easily and effectively. You can also have the contract generated automatically via INJOBS.

Three diagrams show data. The top diagram shows a rising trend with a marked peak, the middle diagram shows a fluctuating curve with a shaded area and the bottom diagram shows horizontal bars.
Statistical evaluation

We track the process for you.

Always keep an eye on the figures with the integrated INJOBS statistics system. We provide you with a perfect overview of job performance. In addition, you can easily view your KPIs at job level or globally for an entire group of companies.


Your data belongs to you.

We attach great importance to security and firmly believe that your data belongs to you. Therefore, all data can be stored at your company or in a cloud. In addition, we restrict INJOBS to your IP address or optionally activate 2-factor authentication.

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Reach talents on all channels.

In INJOBS, you can create and manage your job advertisements centrally in addition to the applicant data. This applies to both online and offline channels. With the personalized templates, you can create your job advertisements quickly and easily in future. In addition, you save time and money with the integrated job ad editor, which outputs your job ad as HTML or PDF in the company's corporate design.

Reach your potential employees on all channels.

With INJOBS you increase the productivity of your HR department.

Our automation process allows you to focus on the essentials instead of the administration.

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